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Why selecting Harrison ?

We Build it right the first time, every time.

Sincerity | Experience | Leadership | Passion

Harrison is a fast growing international construction company founded on great core values.

Since our founding in 2011, we have completed hundreds of projects from small and simple to large and complex. Harrison also works all around the world, we build where others won’t.


For us, there are two things we value above all : getting the job done right and taking care of people. Harrison strongly believes in a good safety culture because our people care about other people. We are responsible for the security of everyone involved in our operations. Our project teams implement the most effective safety management, strategies and equipment to maintain a safe jobsite. The complete safety of our workers is one of the greatest keys to our success. We implement our safety process long before the construction team steps onto the site. We develop our plans and construction program to work for any industry of any size. Our strong safety practices allow us to deliver our work safely and efficiently. Our processes mean no slowdowns, no worries, no headaches and no delays. Safety is just one more way we build it right.


Harrison’s promise to our customers is quality. We take pride in delivering only the very best projects consistent with the Contract Documents. Harrison has developed complex quality management strategies to ensure our quality is not even to be questioned.