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Harrison’s Diversity & Inclusion

Equal Opportunities

We recognize the value of diversity. We built an inclusive environment focused on collaboration, communication, and respect. People are our most valuable assets, and we are committed to providing equal opportunity and advancement for all of our employees and trade partners. Cultivating a diverse community and embracing a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives is crucial to our success.

Each of our employees is an integral part of our impressive, and unique culture. Harrison hires, educates, and advances the most talented individuals regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age, disability status, or any other dimension of diversity. Success is dependent upon sharing of ideas - an exchange that is most beneficial when a wide variety of knowledge, viewpoints, and experiences are heard. We strongly value the variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and beliefs held by our employees, and we have created a community grounded in collaboration, respect, and belonging.

For decades, Harrison has actively promoted diversity and inclusion in the construction industry, and we offer opportunities for qualified subcontractors and suppliers throughout the country.

For more than 20 years, Harrison has been dedicated to the encouragement, advancement, and utilization of minorities, women, and small businesses in the construction industry.



Regional Trade Fairs

We routinely hold regional trade fairs,


actively hold workshops designed to provide better opportunities,

Matchmaker Programs

and actively hold machmaker programs designed to provide better opportunities.